1982 AQHA Stallion
Special Feature x Czech Jet

1982 ~ 2005
Final farewell to Feature
   When my dear friend Fawn called to tell me that Another Feature had passed away on a late summer day, it made me stop and reflect on his life as a racehorse, a racehorse stallion, then ranch stallion, and the impact he made on me and others.
   Another Feature was born in the Pacific Northwest. He was bred and raced by Hugh Shinn, who ran Feature on The Northwest racing circuit, where the good stallion racked up dollar earnings and a prestigious AAA+ rating. After Feature’s racing career, Hugh sold him to Dick Harney, who was known in the area for having and breeding good horses. Dick stood him to outside mares and his own, and it was evident that Another Feature continued to pass on his desire to run, along with his soundness of body and mind.
    When Dick passed away, Feature immediately came up for sale and several local racing barns wanted to purchase the stallion that was producing good solid runners, but as luck would have it, Fawn Kerns became Another Feature’s next owner. Now, the great story behind this chapter in Feature’s life was that Fawn, although she didn’t know it, had some very high goals. She wanted to use Feature’s offspring for everything from horses that they would use on their ranch, their children’s horses, and performance horses that would compete at rodeos. The “order” also included good legs, bone, feet, and, of course, good minds. On top of it all, Fawn had little to no experience with any kind of stallion management, but Feature was a great mentor and for the next 10 plus years Fawn was able to reach her goals, and just like their sire, Another Feature’s offspring do the job that’s asked of them.
   Fawn and her family use Feature horses on their ranch. Her children ride Features and compete in junior rodeos on them and several are running barrels competing in futurities and all the way up to the WPRA Circuit. When the time came, Fawn made the tough decision to call Feature’s vet and have him put to sleep. It was a warm day and he was surrounded by his family, both equine and human. His final resting place is a place of honor on the Kerns’ Ranch where, I know, Feature will be watching over his daughters and their foals, continuing the tradition and goals of Fawn Kerns and her family.
— Ranveig Magden
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• Rated among the TOP 50 LEADING BARREL SIRES
   by Speedhorse Journal
• Stakes winner
• Producer of stakes winners
• Producer of multiple NFR qualifiers such as:
     "Buster" - NFR & DNCFR Champion,

      owned by Shelly Anzick
      Tets Top Feature - DNCFR qualifier and

      winner of $300,000+ in barrel racing